3M pays up after Minnesota sued over poisoned drinking water. The Post-it note company settled an eight-year-long suit over the health effects of perfluorochemicals (PFCs) for $850 million on Tuesday.

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson had sued 3M Co.

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”The conglomerate — which manufactures Scotch tape and Ace bandages, among thousands of other items — maintains that its actions did not endanger people’s health.

But the money will go toward drinking water and water sustainability projects for local communities affected by PFCs Potential impacts of climate change on coastal zones; Examples of technologies for adaptation; Integrated coastal zone management. NON-CLIMATE Climate factor. FIRST-ORDER EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE. Changed occurrence of storm flooding and damage. Regional variation. Storm frequency. Increased .

3M was one of the biggest manufacturers of PFCs, which were widely used in nonstick cookware, stain-resistant repellents, and other products until 2002. Recent studies have linked PFCs to cancer and adverse birth outcomes.

The Minnesota suit went so far as to say that 3M intentionally suppressed scientific research into the negative health effects of the chemicals in question. Hundreds of mayors stand up to Scott Pruitt over climate change.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt received an unusual letter Tuesday morning. states and territories had sent him a clear message: Stop dismantling the Clean Power Plan. Last October, Pruitt announced his intentions to repeal and replace the Obama-era plan, the nation’s first attempt at regulating harmful greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

So far, Pruitt has done a bang-up job of repealing the policy, but the “replace” part has yet to materialize.

Now, mayors of cities already hit hard by climate change, like Houston and New Orleans, are banding together with mayors from across the country to take a stand …not to be confused with mitigation. Mitigation - Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to slow or stop global climate change, i.e. using the car less, flying less and buying local food. Adaptation - Adjusting to the impacts of climate change to reduce the negative impacts and exploit any opportunities, i.e. building sea .

“We strongly oppose the proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan,” they wrote. “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is essential to protect our citizens against the worst impacts of climate change.

”After 2017’s brutal hurricane and wildfire season, it’s easy to see why mayors are worried. In their letter, they point out that coastal storm damage is projected to cost the U.

Cities are taking independent action to reduce emissions, but they want the federal government’s help. An old coal-fired plant in North Dakota is trying to go green.

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The 40-year-old Minnkota station has two coal-powered units that together produce roughly 700,000 kilowatts of energy. Its larger unit is slated to get retrofitted with carbon capture technology — when CO2 is sucked from the air and stored underground so it doesn’t enter the atmosphere.

But the project will take more than a year to design, and at the end of that period, Minnkota Power might decide that the project isn’t economically feasible. The woe-begotten Kemper Power plant, the nation’s first “clean coal” carbon capture facility, stopped work on clean coal last summer and reported billions of dollars in losses. Then again, the Trump administration passed a budget this month that contains enormous incentives for clean coal tech, and researchers say carbon capture could be key to keeping global temperatures under the 2 degrees C limit.

Wait, hold up: Are scientists and the Trump administration in agreement for once?Rex Tillerson is caught in a love triangle with Russia and the U. “The relationship that I had with Putin spans 18 years now,” the secretary of state said during a 60 Minutes interview with CBS’ Margaret Frank. “It was always about what I could do to be successful on behalf of my shareholders, and how Russia could succeed. secretary of state, the ex-CEO of ExxonMobil is supposed to put the United States’ interests first. That should ostensibly put some pressure on the relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Tillerson, which was commemorated with a Russian friendship medal in 2013 after ExxonMobil signed deals with Rosneft, the state-owned Russian oil company.

Russia is one of the world’s top exporters of both oil and gas. As Alex Steffen and Rebecca Leber have written, the country stands to benefit from procrastinating on climate change action that would limit fossil fuel extraction.

In the 60 Minutes interview, Tillerson recounted his first meeting with the Russian president after becoming U. “Same man, different hat,” is how he recalls reintroducing himself. “What he is representing is different than what I now represent,” Tillerson elaborated.

“And I said to him, ‘I now represent the American people. ’”Convincing! And now, on to the SNL skit that apparently made Tillerson laugh out loud:Ditch the deodorant, save the planet?A new study brings to light a little-known source of dangerous emissions: personal care products. The study, published Thursday in the journal Science, used computer models to study how a wide range of stuff people use in their homes, from lotion to house paint, contributes to air pollution.

Printer ink, glue, and cleaning products contain petroleum-based chemicals.

Even your deodorant may release smog-promoting particles into the air (not to mention your armpit) 24 Dec 2017 - What is the difference between the greenhouse effect, climate change and global warming? What proof do we have that climate change is happening? Why is it happening? The Greenhouse Effect. The Earth is surrounded by a thin layer of gasses we call greenhouse gases. These gases are what make up .

Researchers showed that these volatile chemical products (VCPs) produce half of the volatile organic compounds found in Los Angeles. That means that household products may contribute as much to air pollution as motor vehicles do.

VCPs help create ozone, the compound that provokes asthma, and PM2. 5, super-small pollutants that can cause cancer and lung disease.

It’s hard to believe that a dab of lotion could be as harmful as a gallon of gasoline, but gas only produces carbon dioxide (which causes a whole different set of problems). A full 40 percent of the chemicals in lotions and other personal products float into the atmosphere.

So the next time you’re indulging in some well-deserved self-care, maybe go easy on the products. We’re calling BS on Scott Pruitt’s excuse for flying first-class.

The Environmental Protection Agency administrator has seemingly made it his mission to burn as much jet fuel as he can, as expensively as possible. to New York City?The EPA’s latest explanation for the taxpayer-funded spending spree is that first-class upgrades help Pruitt avoid confrontations with fellow airport-goers — like when someone yelled at him “Scott Pruitt, you’re f—ing up the environment.

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But that’s a strange way to justify all those first-class tickets, considering the events described happened in an airport, not a plane.

Plus, airline safety experts say first-class isn’t really safer than the rank-and-file alternative Where to buy an climate change powerpoint presentation Academic Harvard 28 pages / 7700 words original. | 13.12.2017| 134| 173 Order custom climate change powerpoint presentation 109 pages / 29975 words 10 days US Letter Size original. | 09.12.2017| 147| 351 .

Federal regulations say government travelers should act as any “prudent person” would. Pruitt could easily buy a window seat in coach with two aides by his side, as Norm Eisen, a former U.

Along with his 24/7 bodyguards, it seems like that should be enough. Then again, maybe there’s a security advantage to heated towels and complimentary snacks we haven’t considered yet.

Or maybe this is just another step of Pruitt’s plan to dismantle the agency he runs: spend its entire budget on extra legroom. Republican Lisa Murkowski says it’s time for her party to take climate change seriously.

“Why is it politically charged to say climate change?” the Alaska senator asked during a speech on Wednesday 24 May 2010 - CLIMATE CHANGE AND YOU. 23. www.epa.gov/climatechange Carbon Dioxide in Earth's atmosphere has risen by about 30% since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Most of the increase is due to the when not in use.

  • Get in the habit of turning lights and appliances off..

    “I see in my state the impact we have from warming temperatures. Alaska is experiencing coastal erosion, bigger storms, and melting permafrost. So … why did she just open up new areas for oil drilling?Murkowski only backed the Senate’s tax overhaul last December after a provision was added to open up 1.

    5 million acres of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. The provision potentially allows between 4 and 12 billion barrels of oil to be extracted and burned.

    Her voting record on environmental policy has earned her a lifetime score of 19 percent from the League of Conservation Voters. Compare that to the Senate’s average score of 50 percent.

    But Murkowski thinks we can have our fossil fuel cake and eat it, too. “We can absolutely continue to use hydrocarbons and critical minerals and protect the environment at the same time,” she said on Wednesday.

    However, leading scientists declared in 2015 that three-fourths of fossil fuels reserves needed to stay in the ground to avoid catastrophic warming — and we’ve burned a lot of oil, gas, and coal since then. The senator did not respond to request for comment on Thursday.

    But at least she’s talking about climate change, I guess 11 Dec 2017 - Our skilled writers can write good PowerPoint presentations for all levels of education such as High school presentations, College presentations and If you don't know how to make PowerPoint presentation assigned by How to get a climate change powerpoint presentation Freshman Business Vancouver..

    When Monsanto introduced a new kind of seed that wouldn’t die when exposed to the herbicide dicamba, it triggered a crisis in the southeastern United States. Farmers planted the seed and started spraying dicamba, and it worked great! Except that it drifted onto other farmers’ fields and killed their crops.

    In the latest development, the agribusiness company sued the Arkansas State Plant Board, which regulates pesticides.

    It also sued each of the individual board members — who, for the record, are just local, agriculture-minded folks who volunteer their time. One board member, Terry Fuller, told NPR’s Dan Charles: “I didn’t feel like I was leading the charge.

    ”But farmers on the other side of the debate, who think the ban is way too strict, are demanding at least limited access to dicamba.