Coursework for GCSE maths 'to be dropped' Alan Johnson: 'Technology can be used by some students to gain an unfair advantage' By Toby Helm, Chief Political Correspondent and Liz Lightfoot, Education Editor12:01AM BST 28 Sep 2006Measures to stop pupils cheating in their GCSE coursework by getting parents to help or copying from the internet were announced by Alan Johnson, the Education Secretary yesterday. Mr Johnson, a possible challenger for the Labour leadership, said he intended to scrap all coursework for GCSE maths.

He would change the rules so that the work was done at school under "controlled conditions" in other subjects, he said.

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"Technology has changed the way we teach, but can also be used by some students to gain an unfair advantage," Mr Johnson told the conference.

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We cannot have it devalued and undermined by the few who cheat by copying it from the internet.

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It complained that deliberate and inadvertent malpractice was going undetected and criticised the lack of guidance from exam boards on the acceptable level of help from parents or teachers. Ministers ordered a review of whether project work was appropriate in all subjects saying that parents quite properly wanted to play a part in their children's education but that the system favoured children from the most privileged homes.

Increasing evidence of plagiarism, including work bought from essay banks on the internet, prompted the exam boards earlier this year to employ plagiarism experts to help spot the cheating.

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Where it remains part of the exam, pupils will no longer be able to complete it in their own time but under controlled conditions at school. Material gathered from a geography field trip, for example, would be written up in class and research done on the internet would be supervised by teachers to ensure the pupils did not copy the work of other people.

However, the National Association of Headteachers warned that "supervision" would create "a considerable time burden in the very demanding school day" Buy GCSE Mathematics: Coursework Book: Coursework Book Pt. 1 & 2 by CGP Books (ISBN: 9781841460994) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders..

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Those who remained in care as they approached university would also be given a new £2,000 bursary to help them through their studies. "No one suffers greater disadvantage in our education system," he said.

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"Some of these children escape the most terrible abuse and neglect in their own family only to experience the chill indifference of their proxy parent — the state.

"Positioning himself as the champion of the least privileged in society he said it was necessary that the state provided "the security and love" that children in care had been denied Dissolution of relationships essay Do My Maths Coursework jobs doctoral dissertation enhancement projects nsf..

He said it was also time that "elite" private schools enjoying the financial benefits of charitable status did more to open up their facilities for the benefit of local communities.

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Mr Johnson is said by aides to be keen that it should require the private sector to contribute far more than at present. "Some private schools own excellent facilities from science labs to playing fields, which are often under-used," he said.

"I want these schools to open their gates to all children in the community Summary. • Coursework was introduced for sound educational reasons; it is essential to understand these in order to be able to make sensible decisions about the most appropriate means of assessment. • Coursework in GCSE Mathematics will soon be discontinued; it became increasingly unpopular following the .

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In 2003 the ISC found that 90 per cent of its schools were making at least one facility available for community use. More than half of the schools are engaged in at least one partnership activity with their community.

Charitable status is currently worth £100 million to the private sector, amounting to 2 Sadly, statistics coursework help won't be the same for each class. Different teachers have different opinions on how things should be done. While sanctioning bodies describe what goes into regular gcse maths coursework, things get hairy once the General Certificate of Secondary Education leaves the equation..

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